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Megumi Kudo

Megumi Kudo

Wrestling Name: Megumi Kudo
Real Name: Megumi Takayama
Nickname: Kudo

D.O.B: September 20th, 1969 in Kashigaya City
Wrestling Debut: August 8th, 1986 for AJW

Titles: WWA Women's Champion (6 times) Independent World's Women's Champion (4 times)

Retired: April 29th, 1997 against Shark Tsuchiya.

Signature Moves: Kudome Valentine (Back to Back double underhook sit down piledriver) Thunder Fire Powerbomb, Ganso Bomb, Dragon Sleeper, Dragon Suplex Hold, Hip Attack.

Megumi Kudo


Megumi Kudo.

Megumi Kudo was accepted to the AJW dojo at the age of 16, after having been an athletic Basketball Player in High School. Kudo made it through the gruelling training to debut for All Japan Women on April 8th, 1986.

A month shy of being with AJW for 2 years Kudo was released from the promotion who believed she did not progress to the point where she should have. Upon her retirement Kudo went to work teaching kindergarten.

Someone from AJW gave Kudo’s name to Onita telling him she was a diamond in the rough and had not been given a fair chance with AJW.

Megumi Kudo was given a chance to revitalise her career in FMW. Megumi Kudo entered FMW in a tag team on March 13, 1990 with fellow ex AJW wrestler Reibun Amada, defeating defeat Miwa Sato and Yuki Morimatsu. The two became a regualr successfull tag team until Amada turned on Kudo.

In 1995 Megumi Kudo, would be pitched in a series of matches against Shark Tsuchiya. After who two straight losses to Shark Tsuchiya at Korakuen Hall, Kudo on July 18, 1995 at Korakuen Hall came out to the ring in The Great Nita outfit, with half her face painted black. Shark Tsuchiya had Miwa Sato and Crusher Maedomari in her corner interfering until Combat Toyoda came out to make sure Maedomari and Sato no longer interfered. Kudo won the match after hitting Shark ith a barb wire baseball bat, and then supplexing her to score the victory.

Megumi Kudo

Megumi Kudo was to have what is often considered as her best match ever against "Combat" Toyoda on 5/5/96. The match was an exploding barbed wire death match. Both women went through the exploding barbwire. Megumi Kudo won over Combat Toyoda with her Kudo Driver. This was "Combat" Toyoda's retirement match.

Megumi was known also for hardcore matches including Japanese style death matches with exploding barb wire and weapons. Favorite heel opponents from FMW included the face painted wrestler called "The Shark".
Some wrestles don't consider it to be wrestling, whist other wrestlers like pushing themselves to new boundaries and to shock viewers with their version of reality with a barb wire match. In men's wrestling the leader of this style was Mick Foley, for women it was Megumi Kudo.

Megumi Kudo's last match at Korakuen Hall before her retirement was a match against Mayumi Ozaki. (JWP's top hardcore female wrestler) The pair wrestled in a Barbwire Double Hell Death Match on April 18, 1997. Taking ridiculously brutal bumps Kudo finally won with the Kudo Driver.

In 1997 Megumi Kudo challenged for the FMW Independent and WWA Women's Titles again in her retirement match against Shark Tsuchiya. The match was the first ever Exploding Barbed wire Double Hell Death Match. Kudo won the FMW Independent and WWA Women's Title. Megumi Kudo suffered third degree burns and cuts from the match.

Megumi Kudo's Retirement Ceremony took place at Korakuen Hall on June 13, 1997 with the entire FMW roster around the ring.
In real life Megumi Kudo married fellow FMW wrestler Hido (Badboy Hido of Big Japan wrestling).

Megumi Kido was an extremely popular wrestler in fact when Megumi retired FMW didn't seem to be able to recover from the loss as no other women who were primed to take her place came anywhere near matching her popularity.

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