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Trixie Belden

Update: March 2012

New Section Added and Updated


The Power Boys

New sections added:


Update: February 2012

The Famous Five

The Famous Five

Update: January 2012

Update: November 2011

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American Girl Dolls Kanani Akina and Samantha Parkington

Kanani Akina

Cheryy Ames Updates:

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Cherry Ames

Welcome to information on:

* Professional Women's Wrestling History from around the world, including a comprehensive Hall Of Fame

Women's Wrestling

* Classic Children's Mystery Series Books Directory for the 20th Century.

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* Historical Fashion Bracelet Directory.

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* Collector Dolls

Collector Dolls

* Amy Action Profile: Author, Article Writer, Women's Wrestling Historian. Retired Professional Wrestler and Retired Wrestling Trainer.

Amy Action

* Animals including Rabbit Care Information


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Wrestling title

Early Women's Wrestling Belt

Cora Livingston is acknowledged as being one of the first female professional wrestlers. Cora began wrestling in the early part of the 1900's

Cora became the world champion in 1913 and is reported to have never lost a match during her long title reign from 1913 to 1925 when she retired. ... read more

Beverly Gray

Beverly Gray Mysteries

The Beverly Gray Mystery Stories series began printing in 1934 and continued through to 1955. Written by author Clarissa Mabel Blank (Clair Blank) who penned the first edition at the age of 19, the series follows the adventures, romances and investigations of one of the first "career girl" sleuths of teenage fiction, reporter Beverly Gray and her Vernon College Alpha Delta Sorority girlfriends both during and after their college years.

The main characters are in their 20's and 30's and the book series plays out like a soap opera with romance, mystery, adventure, spies, intrigue and world - wide travel on planes and a luxurious yacht called The Susabella .... read more


Sweetheart Bracelets

Vintage Sweetheart Bracelets

Sweetheart Bracelets or alternatively termed Expansion Bracelets range in age from 1900 through to 1960. These bracelets experienced enormous popularity during the war periods and were often given as a token of love before a soldier went off to war. It is not uncommon to even find expansion bracelets with navy and army insignias on them. The bracelets were also extremely popular during the 1950's. The decorative plate in the center of the front of the bracelet often had a place for an initial to be monogrammed ... read more

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